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Estimating inter-regional mobility during disruption: Comparing and combining different data sources
S Heydari, Z Huang, T Hiraoka, A Ponce de León Chávez, T Ala-Nissila, L Leskelä, M Kivelä, J Saramäki
Travel Behaviour and Society, 31:95-105, 2023

Bayesian nowcasting with leading indicators applied to COVID-19 fatalities in Sweden
F Bergström, F Günther, M Höhle, T Britton
2022-12-07 PLOS, Computational Biology

Herd immunity and epidemic size in networks with vaccination homophily
T Hiraoka, A K Rizi, M Kivelä, J Saramäki
Phys. Rev. E, 105(5):L052301, 2022

Adaptive and optimized COVID-19 vaccination strategies across geographical regions and age groups
J Molla, A Ponce de León Chávez, T Hiraoka, T Ala-Nissila, M Kivelä, L Leskelä
PLoS Comp. Bio., 18(4): e1009974, 2022

Epidemic Spreading and Digital Contact Tracing: Effects of Heterogeneous Mixing and Quarantine Failures
A K. Rizi, A Faqeeh, A Badie-Modiri, M Kivelä
Phys. Rev. E, 105(4):044313, 2022

Epidemic models with digital and manual contact tracing
D Zhang, T Britton
PLoS Comp. Bio., to appear
2022 arXiv

Extending SIRS epidemics to allow for gradual waning of immunity
M E Khalifi, T Britton
2022 arXiv

Optimal intervention strategies for minimizing total incidence during an epidemic
T Britton, L Leskelä
2023, SIAM Jour of Appl Math

Increased household transmission and immune escape of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron compared to Delta variants
N Jalali, H Kjelgaard Brustad, A Frigessi, E MacDonald, H Meijerink, S Feruglio, K Nygård, G Isaksson Rø, E H Madslien, B Freiesleben De Blasio
Nat. Commun. 2022
And blog post about the article in Nature Portfolio Health Community

A real-time regional model for COVID-19: Probabilistic situational awareness and forecasting
S Engebretsen, A Diz-Lois Palomares, G Rø, A Bråthen Kristoffersen, J C Lindstrøm, K Engø-Monsen, L Yat Hin Chan, Ø Dale, J Eriksson Midtbø, K Lindalen Stenerud, F Di Ruscio, R White, A Frigessi, B Freiesleben de Blasio
2023 PLoS Comp.

Increased transmissibility of the alpha SARS-CoV-2 variant: evidence from contact tracing data in Oslo, January to February 2021
J C Lindstrøm, S Engebretsen, A Bråthen Kristoffersen , G Ø Isaksson Rø , A Diz-Lois Palomares , K Engø-Monsen, E H Madslien , F Forland, K M Nygård, F Hagend, G Gantzel, O Wiklund, A Frigessi, B Freiesleben de Blasio
2021-09-01 Infectious Diseases

Evaluating and optimizing COVID-19 vaccination policies: a case study of Sweden
H Sjödin, J Rocklöv, T Britton
2021-04-09 medRxiv

Quantifying the preventive effect of wearing face masks
T Britton
Roy Soc Proc A, 477(2251), 2021